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shakira snapchat and picture
  • Snapchat username of Shakira: shakirav
  • Instagram username of Shakira: shakira

Shakira was worn in 1977. She is currently 39 years old. She is dedicated to many professions, but mainly for being singer. It became famous in the years 2001. She has become one of the most awarded women in the world.

She has founded his a won organization to help people in Colombia. Thanks to the foundation, may colombian childrens can acces a school education.

Shakira with sexy cleavage
Shakira with sexy cleavage


Curiosities of Shakira.

  1. She was also worked an actress in different series of TV.
  2. She is one of the most women in the world with more followers in Facebook, with more than one hundred millon of followers.
  3. Her boyfriend is a very famous footballer.
  4. Barack Obama signed shakira for his presentation.

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Shakira boyfriend
Shakira boyfriend

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