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Selena Gomez is a young girl who was born in 1992. She gained the fame thanks to the channel of TV. (Disney Channel) She is currently a new serie on Netflix.

Selena Gomez is the one of the most famous celebrities that interact in the social networks with their fans. She has a great passion for tattoos and has several of the all over she’s body. One of the most important tattoos for she, is in Arabic letters. She is also an animal lover. She collaborates with animal protection associations and has several dogs.

The first time she signed an autograph, she was only 13 years old. Now she is used to it and says she no longer recognizes her signature.

Selena Gomez is also well known for her elegant and sexy style. Below you can see a photo so you can see for yourself.

Selena gomez with sexy cleavage
Selena gomez with sexy cleavage

Why did Selena Gomez end the relationship with Justin Bieber?

There are many rumors of what happened. One of the most popular rumors, in that relationship ended, due tu Justin’s bad behavior, due to the parties and drugs.

Is Selena Gomez Mexican?

No, she was worn in the United States, in Texas. But she’s father is of Mexican origin and she’s mother is of italian descent. She’s favorite mexican food is the tamales.

Tamales mexican food
Tamales mexican food

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